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Let the good times roll with our state-of-the-art photo booth

Why not preserve your memories in a uniquely fun way, while also giving your guests an outlet for their creativity?  Our photo booths are super simple to use, and come with a trained attendant to make sure it all goes smoothly. Let your guests leave with printed photo strips from our dye sublimation printers, or just go digital. Every group of photos can be emailed to the guest, Tweeted, or shared on Facebook. And you will have the whole collection at the end of your event, either digitally, or in physical form. We'll put your custom logo at the top of each strip. Want props? We've got 'em. And we keep them sterilized! We prefer the open air photo booth, but enclosed booths are also available. See how much fun you and your guests can have with one of our Photo Booth Packages. 


Our Photo Booths are super easy to use, but include an attendant, just in case. You can share your photos on social media instantly, or just email them to yourself, with the click of the touch screen. Bam. You can also apply filters, make them black and white, etc. My daughter, below, has it all figured out. 

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